Onkyo VC-NX01 neck speaker – MWC 2018

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Onkyo VC-NX01Taking time out from mobile handsets for a moment, I dropped in on Onkyo to check out a couple of their new things, one being the VC-NX01 “neck speaker”.
Yes, there are a lot of phones to see at Mobile World Congress, however, this year was the first time Onkyo has rocked up to the Barcelona tech fest.
One of the devices (there were a few interesting ones) on display was the Onkyo VC-NX01 wearable speaker.

Onkyo VC-NX01

Onkyo VC-NX01Although not ready for retail, It is always worth seeing where brands are heading.
Onkyo had this prototype device on their stand I thought it interesting enough to learn a little more about it.
Onkyo VC-NX01The device is designed to be worn around the neck, and integrates several leading technologies. Furthermore,  it promises to be a truly hands-free device that will be the perfect method of accessing on-the-go ‘concierge’ services.
Onkyo VC-NX01One of the most impressive features of this device is that it automatically activates when placed around your neck.
Onkyo VC-NX01Also, it instantly compensates for ambient sounds (such as passing traffic) while fully supporting the ‘Onkyo AI’ functionality.

Check out the Onkyo GRANBEAT 4K UHD and Hi-res audio tablet

Onkyo AI

Onkyo AI is a proprietary voice-enabled AI system. It has been created from the development and integration of several currently available AI-related technologies.
Besides answering questions and playing music – core abilities for conventional smart speakers – the Onkyo AI system also offers several other capabilities:-


This proprietary AI can be customised with a host of useful features to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Service/App coordination

Onkyo’s AI considers the time, geographic location and user characteristics before deciding which of various available services it should offer. Additionally, it does this in conjunction with the recommended application tailored to the situation.

Voice options

‘Onkyo Voice’ allows the user to select their own preferred assistant’s voice.

Price and availability

Everything is TBC at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing if this makes it through to production. If it does, expect a full review!
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Techno Geek March 2018 – Best fitness tech

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techno geek march 2018This month I take a look at the top tier of fitness tech for Oracle Time magazine.
In the March edition of Techno Geek I reflected on all the promises made at the start of the new year.
I know a number of people valiantly signed up for gym membership.
Unfortunately, many have only visited a few times this year. I also know that a large proportion of those have only gone to use the sauna.
I just didn’t bother signing up.

The best home gym tech 2018

Let’s face it. Gyms can be scary places filled with selfie-obsessed beautiful people humble bragging about being #blessed.
Nah, not for me. If I had the money, and therefore the space, I would be considering a home gym. Furthermore I’d have a personal trainer.
So, what would I fill my money-no-object gym with?
Firstly, I’d want a very space-age cycling machine that also doubles up as a sculpture.
H.I.T. sessions look a little too hardcore for me, but I know that the Vibrogym has a similar effect.
Free-weights can look good. I have proof.
A multi-gym is always good to have around, so why not one that looks as good as it works?
Finally, a treadmill. But I’d want one that I can watch box sets on whilst taking care of the miles. Also, it would be nice if I could simulate running some of the finest outdoor routes on the planet.
Thankfully, over these 5 pages, I have brought these all together. Enjoy.
The full magazine is great too, why not subscribe?

Subscribe to Oracle Time Magazine

You really should subscribe to the free online magazine.
If print is more your thing, you can get a hard copy too.

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Quadraspire Qplus first impressions review – Bristol Show 2018

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
quadraspire qplus reference and advancedThere were many products launched at Sound and Vision 2018. One of the smallest to debut comes from Quadraspire as they introduced their new Qplus acoustic interface.
Hallatrow-based Quadraspire are well known for their racks and isolation platforms. This year they chose The Bristol Show to unveil their Qplus feet.
These little feet may at first appear to be a departure from racks, stands and wall-brackets. However, for people to assume that everyone has room in their home for a full rack is quite silly.
There are those of us who will invest money in our systems but are hobbled by the fact that we lack the space for dedicated racks.
This is where the Qplus gracefully makes its entrance. Firstly, they allow you to transform whatever furniture you are using in to something that closely achieves the same performance as a dedicated rack. Secondly, they don’t require any additional space to be used.

Quadraspire Qplus

quadraspire qplusSo, how do you accommodate high performance isolation when you haven’t got the room for a rack?
There may be some of you out there rolling your eyes and muttering “if you haven’t got the space for ‘real’ Hi-Fi equipment, then don’t even start”. To those people I say:

Thankfully, Quadraspire also agrees and have managed to develop a rather compact alternative to a full rack system.

Qplus design

quadraspire qplus referenceThere are three models available in the Qplus range; these are the Qplus, the Qplus Advanced and the Qplus Reference.
Naturally they all possess slightly different materials and performance. They also are at different price points too.
The Qplus is the smallest out of the three and only features a single grommet placed in the wooden centre. The other two are of the same dimensions as each other but feature different encasement materials. The grommets in these are of different materials on either side. These have differing isolating properties, according to the conversation I had during the demonstration.

Quadraspire Qplus first impressions

quadraspire qplus reference and Rega RP10During the demonstration, the skeletal Rega RP10 was placed directly on the unit. The unit was typical of those bought from a leading Scandinavian flat-pack vendor to be self-assembled at home.
As well as the RP10, Quadraspire were utilising a Devialet amplifier, just in case you were curious.
So, firstly a record was played on the RP10 with the turntable directly on the unit. All sounded OK. Nothing hideous, anyhow.
quadraspire qplus reference, rega RP10, deviate amplifierThen, the RP10 was carefully placed on a trio of Reference feet. The same record was then played.
There was a slight increase in definition and clarity. But, given the rooms at The Bristol Show and that the door was open to the hallway, it was difficult to discern any more than that.
In conclusion then, there did appear to be some improvement. However, I am looking forward to testing these clever little things in my own system in the quiet of my own little room.

Price and availability

Each Qplus is sold in sets of four, but the Advanced and Reference can be ordered in sets of three, where required.

    • Qplus – designed to mimic the performance of the Q4EVO rack


    • Advanced – designed to mimic the performance of the SVT


    • Reference – designed to mimic the performance of the Xreference


Due to the high levels of pre-orders already placed with Quadraspire, the earliest shipping date for orders placed in March will be the end of May.
For pricing and more information, head on over to Quadraspire’s website.

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Larsen 8 speakers demo with John Larsen – Bristol…

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
larsen 8 speaker at sound and vision - the bristol showIt is so easy to get ‘speaker blindness’ at shows like Sound and Vision – The Bristol Show. Yes, audio quality does differ but most of the speakers are rectangular wooden affairs. There are, of course, alternatives. One such brand that I have long enjoyed is Larsen, and I happened to catch John Larsen and the Larsen 8 speakers at the show.
While I shall admit that Larsen speakers are mostly rectangular in shape, the real clever stuff happens on the top by way of an angled speaker. Furthermore, the cabinet design actually utilises audio reflections, rather than trying to avoid them.
The Larsen 8 loudspeakers being used in the demonstration were hooked up to Exposure components being fed juice via IsoTec power cables and conditioners.

Larsen 8 speakers

larsen speakers john larsen demoFirstly, John Larsen kicks off by pointing out that the Larsen 8 loudspeakers are designed to stand against the wall. This means no endless testing of distances and toe-in.
I was told that this placement actually uses the wall to increase bass extension all the way down to 23 Hz. When asked if this means annoying the neighbours even more, Larsen simply replied “no more than conventional speakers”.
larsen speakers, exposure hifi, isotek mains powerThe uniquely angled drivers are flanked by absorption material to prevent unwanted reflections. Larsen describes the speakers as being a 2 1/2 way system
Atop the cabinet is a true-sounding 7-inch mid driver operated up to 2.5kH, partnered by a clear and transparent 1-inch polymer dome tweeter. Naturally, this is also a ScanSpeak unit with proven fluidity.
The stainless steel plate around the light polymer membrane of the tweeter enables it to reproduce the upper octaves with more body. There are actually a further two tweeters hidden under the horizontally flat part of the cabinet top. These are two more 1-inch fabric-dome tweeters spaced 4.5-inches apart.
Another 7-inch ScanSpeak woofer driver is sat within the cabinet operating up to 300Hz to produce deep and precise bass out of the side ports.

Larsen 8 demo

larsen speakers demo rigThe first demo used a CD of pipe-organ and choral music through the Exposure rig. As a quick aside, I am glad that this room was using Exposure kit. The reason for this is that in the actual Exposure demo room the crew were busy loudly chatting with team-mates from other rooms. I don’t mind a bit of whispered chat but their conversation was actually louder than the music being played. I left the room within 2 minutes seriously disappointed.
Exposure and IsoTekAnyhow, back to Larsen.
The organ and choral track brilliantly displayed the ability of the Larsen 8 to cover a wide range with clarity and precision. The low-end was deep yet clear and the choristers voices rang through the room. You also got a great feeling for the room that it was recorded in. The natural reverb of a church.
The overall feeling was natural and transparent. I was amazed by the 3D sound stage that was being created in a small hotel room.
Larsen went on to play some pop music and even this was entertaining as you got a real sense of the singers’ emotion.

Larsen 8 conclusion

From my limited time with the Larsen 8s I found them enjoyable. They produced well-scaled audio from quite a compact package. I also like the fact that they appeared to be position agnostic. This is a distinct benefit if you have limited space in which to place your hi-fi system.

Price and availability

The Larsen 8 are priced at around £5,000 and people in the UK can contact Sound Fowndations for more details.
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ChordOhmic speaker plugs launched at The Bristol Show

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
chord company chordohmic plugThe Chord Company has launched ChordOhmic, a revolutionary new silver-plated loudspeaker plug developed from the flagship ChordMusic and Sarum T speaker plug.
On the first day of The Bristol Show, I was at the introductory presentation of what must be one of The Chord Company’s smallest releases.
The ChordOhmic promises to offer the proven conductivity and signal-preservation benefits of silver. Furthermore, it is backed up by the UK leader’s legendary build quality.

Chord Company ChordOhmic

The Chord Company’s new ChordOhmic silver-plated loudspeaker plugs were revealed to an eager audience at Sound and Vision – The Bristol Show on Friday.
Chord Company ChordOhmic plugs - Bristol ShowThe new plugs are designed to bring both the electrical and sonic benefits of silver to speaker cables everywhere.
They will be available on all Chord Company cables going forward. Furthermore, they will be available to buy separately. This means that Chord’s new plug can improve other brands of cable, too.

Trickle down tech

The introduction of the ChordOhmic plugs follows the successful implementation of silver-plated connectors in the company’s flagship loudspeaker cables.
For 2018, the technology has trickled down from ChordMusic and Sarum T. Now, it is an affordable plug that offers a highly cost-effective performance upgrade for any level of cable or system.

ChordOhmic build

The ChordOhmic plug body is constructed from high-quality ABS. The plugs themselves are machined from a high-quality brass alloy sourced from Germany. The metal contact pin (4mm banana) is machined in the UK on precision lathes more commonly employed in machining watch parts and high-tech Formula 1 components.
The silver-plated spade connectors are constructed from pure copper bar which is heavily plated with silver to give the optimum contact. The spades can be supplied in any multiples.

Silver: the new gold

chord company chordohmic plugThe Wiltshire specialist has long been an advocate of silver. Moreover, it has been using the highly conductive material to plate its copper conductors and connectors across its comprehensive range of award-winning interconnects. Now, the superiority of silver as a plating finish has extended into the company’s entire speaker cable range, from the highly affordable entry-level C-series to the flagship ChordMusic cable.

Gold takes third place

Although gold is generally perceived to be the best plating material for high-quality connectors, its only major advantage is its total resistance to corrosion. This could be an important factor, however, it is not normally an issue in domestic settings.
Gold is also associated with performance and quality due to its high commercial value.
However, Gold is the third most conductive metal available. It is outperformed by both copper (+140% better) and silver (+148% better).
Better conductivity means lower resistance and, therefore, less signal loss. Less signal loss means increased performance. This is actually expressed by Ohm’s law, hence the name of The Chord Company’s new speaker plugs.
Crucially, silver-plating not only makes sense from an electrical point of view, The Chord Company found it gave an audibly superior result when compared with gold-plated connectors in its extensive listening tests.
I might just have to give these a try in my own rig.

Price and availability

ChordOhmic speaker plugs are available now priced at just £8 per plug, so £64 for eight.
Check out the Chord Company’s website for more details.
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Asus Zenfone 5 first impressions review – Cheaper Android…

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
Zenfone 5 MWC2018Asus has just announced their answer to the “Fruit Phone X” at an event that I attended in Barcelona – I am, of course, talking about their new Zenfone 5
In an event that included non-subtle swipes at a certain Cupertino-based company and a gig by OK Go!, a range of new intelligent smart(er)phones was launched.
The Asus Zenfone 5 range appeared a little confusing to me. However, I am running on approximately a total of 9 hours sleep since Sunday morning.
There’s the Lite, Max, ‘just’ 5 and Z – that I bit I think I’ve got. That said, it’s their attributes that seem a little cloudy to me. Folk in the UK shouldn’t get too confused as, (again, as far as I can make out) the Lite won’t be hitting these shores.
Zenfone 5 MWC2018So, after introducing the entry-level Zenfone 5 Lite, Asus got to the main meat of their launch event at MWC.
That is, of course, the Zenfone 5. And the higher-end Zenfone 5z. These models are almost identical, save for the chipset used, and the amount of RAM and storage you can get them with.

Asus Zenfone 5

Zenfone 5 MWC2018As mentioned, the Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 5 Z share identical specs. These include a 6.2-inch display with skinny bezels, a 3,300-mAh battery with quick charging and a dual camera with a standard and wide-angle view.
Given the digs at Apple and the new Asus sporting ‘that’ notch, there are a couple of things that the iPhone X has that the Zenfone hasn’t. Namely, wireless charging or any kind of waterproofing. How important these factors are is down to you. Oh, and whether they are worth £100s.


Zenfone 5 MWC2018What the Zenfone 5 has in bucket loads is AI. It’s almost like they stumbled upon some shadowy figure in an alleyway offering Artificial Intelligence at knockdown prices.

AI Boost

This hands it more power when gaming

AI Photography

Enjoy scene detection, photo learning, portrait mode and beautification.

AI Display

It stays on while you’re looking at it and has automatic colour temperature adjustment.

AI Battery

It remembers when you wake up so will gently recharge until you’re just about to wake and then complete its 100% charge for the day.

AI Ringtone

This automatically adjusts the volume according to how noisy your surroundings are.

Oh, and Asus is also introducing something called ZeniMoji – live-animated avatars which you can even use in video calls or live streams.

Zenfone 5 specs

Zenfone 5 MWC2018The Zenfone 5 comes with a 6.2-inch 2,246×1,080 Super IPS touchscreen with DCI-P3 support.
Zenfone 5 MWC2018It features a 19:9 aspect ratio, 500-nit brightness, and a notch that Asus boasts is “26% smaller than the Fruit Phone X.” Before you take me to task, these are the actual words spoken on stage tonight.
The new Asus has an impressive 90% screen-to-body ratio thanks to that notch and the slim bezels all around.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018The phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 chipset, built on a 14nm process.
You will get either 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.
Zenfone 5 MWC2018On the back there’s a 12 MP main camera with Sony’s IMX363 sensor, f/1.8 aperture, and 83-degree field-of-view.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018Additionally, you get a 120-degree wide-angle camera of unknown resolution.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018Selfies are taken care of by a single 8 MP unit with f/2.0 aperture.
The Zenfone 5 features a 3,300 mAh battery, dual-SIM functionality, and dual speakers with dual amps.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018Hi-Res earphones are bundled in the box, and the phone has an FM radio too.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018Software-wise, you’re looking at Android Oreo with ZenUI 5.0 on top.
Expect to see the Zenfone 5 in Midnight Blue and Meteor Silver.

Zenfone 5Z

The Zenfone 5z ups the game in a few areas.
Well, basically, it’s the aforementioned Zenfone 5 but with a Snapdragon 845 under the hood.
That beefier processor is mated with up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
Your exact RAM/storage options are: 6/64, 8/128, or 8/256.

Asus Zenfone 5 first impressions

It is certainly a good looking phone. It does, however, look a lot like the Fruit Phone X. Gah! Now they’ve got me saying it!
The 6.2-inch 19:9 aspect ratio Full HD+ IPS display is extremely bright and vivid. I am sure that it will win people over with that 90% screen-to-body ratio.
The fingerprint sensor is around back but it’s also packing facial unlock so, chances are, that’s what you’ll be using the most.
The camera placement seems to be the same as the iPhone X. Also, the animojis, notch, and over all look. In fact, the amount of similarities may prompt confused people to ask how you are running Android on an iPhone.
The major difference between the X and the Z is the price.

Price and availability

Zenfone 5 MWC2018The Asus Zenfone 5 will be priced from €479.
asus zenfone 5 mwc2018I’m guessing that will be the 5 and the 5Z will most likely be around the £500-mark.

Asus Zenfone 5 gallery

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Dynaudio – Special Bristol Show

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
Dynaudio Special FortyDynaudio is back in the West Country for the 31st Bristol Show. Not only will this be the biggest Sound and Vision show, it looks like Dynaudio have something Special to bring.
Dynaudio regularly scoops the much coveted ‘best in show’ awards for its demonstrations. Needless to say then that the speaker maker has an enviable reputation to maintain.

Dynaudio at The Bristol Show

This year they will be exclusively demonstrating its Special Forty stereo speakers. These standmounts were lovingly created by the Danish company to mark its 40th anniversary.
The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio design.
Everything that you have come to expect from the brand is there. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound.

Dynaudio Special Forty

Dynaudio Special FortyThe Special Forty is a classic passive two-way design: the team in Dynaudio Labs studied the legendary techniques and technologies that make their speakers so celebrated. They then took them back to the drawing board. The result? The ultimate compact standmounter in its class as far as they are concerned.

Esotar Forty tweeter

Firstly, the Esotar Forty tweeter is exclusive to this speaker. It is based on the other Esotar tweeters but has a few new tricks.
Behind the diaphragm in the magnet is a new pressure conduit –a specially shaped vent that allows more space to the rear chamber. Also, it controls how the air moves from the back of the diaphragm into that space. There is more damping material and, in conjunction with the pressure conduit, it serves to reduce back-pressure on the rear of the tweeter diaphragm.
There’s an aero-coupled pressure-release outlet under the tweeter’s voice-coil. It equalises the pressure immediately under the voice-coil with that outside to reduce any air pockets that could stop the coil moving as it should. This reduces resonance and manifests itself in the form of a more detailed performance.
The Esotar Forty’s 28mm diaphragm is a classic Dynaudio soft-dome design, complete with the DSR (Dynaudio Secret Recipe) precision coating. This coating is applied in exactly the correct places and thicknesses to optimise high-frequency performance.
Furthermore, the unit is suspended in magnetic ferrofluid. This increases power-handling, improve the dome’s excursion and absorbs unwanted heat and excess energy. And that, in English, means a tighter, more controlled and more honest performance.
The Esotar Forty’s frequency response as even been increased; downwards. It can comfortably reproduce frequencies down to around 1000Hz –well into the midrange. The reasoning will become apparent in a bit.

Dynaudio’s best 17cm woofer

Dynaudio Special FortyThe Special Forty woofer is based on Dynaudio’s classic 17W75MSP model. This one has an
improved spider and specially optimised excursion-symmetry. I know, right?
They’ve stuck with their proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material. Additionally, the Special Forty’s driver is a one-piece design.
Additionally, the coil’s former is bonded directly to the back of the ring where the Balance Ribs sit –making the dome part of the playing surface.
This enables the woofer’s frequency response to be extended upwards. It can easily handle frequencies up to around 4000Hz. Are you getting it yet?

Seamless driver overlap

Finally, it’s time to pull it all together. That 3000Hz overlap between the tweeter and the woofer is crucial.
It means there’s no need for steep filters and complex circuitry to make the drivers mesh well together.
Because the Special Forty’s drivers perform alike in many areas (including frequency response,phase response, tonality, sound dispersion and on-and off-axis performance), they blend incredibly well.
That’s before any crossover magic happens.

Dynaudio first-order crossover

Dynaudio has used first-order crossovers for decades. The Special Forty has taken that classic design and ramped-up their unique Phase Alignment and Impedance Alignment technologies.
Specifically selected components handle the impedance optimisation and, because both drivers have extended frequency ranges for even better overlap and integration, their performance is impressive.

Where to hear the Special Forty

To the hear a Special Forty stereo pair, powered by Naim electronics, visit Dynaudio at Stand Foyer 2a on the Ground Floor.
Dynaudio Xeo 20Here you can also view the new Xeo 20 and Xeo 30 active wireless speakers – on public display in the UK for the first time.

Price and availability

The Special Forty is available now for £2,500.
It comes in two finishes: Grey Birch High Gloss and Red Birch High Gloss.

Technical specifications

  • Sensitivity 86dB (2.83V / 1m)
  • IEC power handling 200W
  • Impedance 6ohms
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB) 41Hz –23kHz
  • Box principle Bass-reflex rear ported
  • Crossover 2-way
  • Crossover frequency 2000Hz
  • Crossover topology 1st order
  • Woofer 17cm MSP cone
  • Tweeter 28mm Esotar Forty
  • Weight 8.1kg / 17.9lb
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 198 x 360 x 307mm / 7.8 x 14.2 x 12.1in
  • Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D) 198 x 360 x 322mm / 7.8 x 14.2 x 12.7in

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Atlas Cables unleashing 6 new products – Bristol Show

GadgetyNews – Low Jargon: High Tech
Atlas Equator IntegraAtlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, will be showing six new products at the Bristol Sound & Vision show.
Bristol Sound and Vision will see the unveiling of the latest version of Atlas’ multi-award winning Equator Integra interconnect cable.

Atlas Equator Integra

The latest edition of the Equator Integra is equipped with an upgraded conductor core. This now features Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) 5N (99.999% pure – the highest purity available) copper technology nestled in PEF (Foamed Polyethylene) dielectric material.
Atlas Equator IntegraAdditionally, the Equator Integra’s double-screen construction provides maximum RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) resistance. This important as today’s homes are filled with WiFi and Bluetooth communications. As you probably already know, RFI has a detrimental effect on sensitive audio signals. So, the double screening utilised for the Equator Integra eradicates any such interference between a source and an amplifier.

Atlas Ascent

Having recently introduced its Grun cable grounding system to its high-end range, the mid-range Ascent speaker cable has now been upgraded with the relevant connectivity options allowing for integration into a fully-grounded cable loom.
Also featured on the Ascent speaker cable are the company’s new Tin Cobalt 4mm Z plugs.

… and more

The mid-priced Hyper dd S/PDIF cable now uses the company’s dual drain technology. This elimiates that aforementioned pesky RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Furthermore, it also incorporates a new cold-weld crimp fit BNC plug. Also, the company will be showing its new dedicated tonearm plugs for the very first time.
Additionally, Atlas will also be running demonstrations of its Eos power cables against a standard 13 amp mains cable.
Finally, headphone fans will be able to hear the improvements the company’s Zeno cable makes over a stock cable using OPPO’s PM-3 planar magnetic headphones.


Kevin Kelly, MD at Atlas Cables, said:

Bristol Sound and Vision is always a great show for Atlas and 2018 is no exception, with the launch of 6 new products including our latest Equator Integra budget interconnect.
As well as the product launches, we will also be building cables on our stand, demonstrating the effort and attention to care that goes into the hand-building of our cables at our factory in Kilmarnock. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand and allowing them to hear for themselves the performance advantages our cables will offer them.”

Atlas at The Bristol Show 2018

Atlas Cables will be exhibiting its range of products on Stand 7b within the Bristol Suite.
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ZOWIE XL2546 240Hz e-Sports monitor packs DyAc smoothness

BenQ has announced their new ZOWIE XL2546 monitor with Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc). This promises to provide PC gamers with another option to suit their personal preferences.

Since its release in Dec. 2016, the XL2540 has become the monitor of choice for tournaments. These include such competitions as the ESL Pro League Season 5, ESL ONE Cologne, PGL, DreamHack Open Series and other tournaments with competitive FPS titles.

Now there’s a new and improved version of the 24.5-inch e-Sports monitor.

The fresh XL2546 has the same increased smoothness that was introduced in the XL2540 but with the addition of DyAc. The latter tech provides increased movement clarity in-game.

This means that actions with vigorous screen movement, such as spraying of weapons, will benefit most from DyAcTM as being able to see more clearly can help with recoil control.

Like the XL2540, the benefits of the XL2546 and its native 240Hz refresh rate can be fully activated when the computer generates over 240 frames per second(FPS). With that in mind you’ll need a system that can provide that kind of performance.

It’s recommended that you’re kitted out with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or better. Alternatively, an AMD Radeon RX 480 or better.

The ZOWIE XL2546 with DyAc will make its tournament debut at DreamHack Atlanta 2017 where it has been selected as the official monitor.

You can experience it first hand if you drop by the ZOWIE booth at DreamHack Atlanta from July 21st to 23rd.


Optoma HD39Darbee portable gaming, movie projector

HD39Darbee angle
Optoma has been to bear to inform USA concerning their latest
projector to feature triumph DARBEE technology – the

No matter if you’re a movie fan or a gamer, the Optoma
HD39Darbee ought to be good.

The new home projector packs a powerful 16ms interval
and boasts a brightness of three,500 lumens.

That all adds up to the current projector can manufacture bright, vibrant
images with installation flexibility.

Optoma HD39 Darbee

Exclusive to Optoma projectors, the new HD39 boasts
integrated DARBEE Visual Presence image sweetening technology.
This will bring further levels of depth, clarity and realism.

Created for Full HD 1080p home cinema, this new moveable
projector takes color accuracy a step any with support for
industry normal Rec. 709.

In addition, Optoma’s superb color technology ensures vivacious
and correct colors.

Portable powerful projector

Weighing not up to 3kg, the HD39Darbee may be taken where
you want a supersized image.

So, pop it in to the optional carry bag and take it to a
friend’s place for a moving-picture show, sports event or a play challenge.

HD39Darbee front
The combination of HDMI inputs create it simple to line up. They
also makes it good for connecting a portable computer, PC, Blu-ray
player, media streamer or games console.

If wireless streaming is your issue, then grab Optoma’s WHD200

For additional convenience, the HD39 comes complete with associate degree
integrated speaker that delivers powerful 10W audio.


Joe Ahmed, Head of selling at Optoma EMEA, said:

The new HD39D combines the innovative and fascinating
Darbee Visual Presence process with high brightness, a
giant zoom vary and vertical lens shift. This ensures a
larger vary of installation prospects, creating this
projector the proper possibility for any home.”

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HD39’s specs at a look

HD39 Darbee specs at a look

Native resolution Full HD 1080p (1920 x1080)
Contrast ratio 32,000:1
Brightness 3500 ANSI lumens
Throw ratio

1.4 – 2.24:1

Zoom 1.6x manual
Weight 2.8kg
Built-in speaker 10W
Dimensions 314 x 224 x 114mm (W x D x H)
Inputs 2 x HDMI v1.4a + MHL v2.1
Outputs 3D-sync, 12V screen trigger